Your First Appointment


How Do You Treat My Pain?

We start your first appointment by asking questions about your condition and medical history.  We then perform an examination including some simple movements and possibly some medical tests. 

An inspection is performed of where your pain is as well as palpating the area for restriction and tenderness. For this reason the area to be diagnosed and treated has to be made visible. To preserve modesty we either work around loose fitting clothing or provide shorts and surgical gowns. You are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member as a chaperone but unfortunately one can not be provided.

Your first appointment will include an osteopathic treatment using osteopathic manipulative therapy. Some conditions though are not suitable for osteopathy in which case you will be referred to your doctor or appropriate healthcare practitioner. 

All information is recorded, stored and is accessible under data protection (GDPR) guidelines.

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